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Question 1

What is an airbrush spray tan?

You will have bronzer sprayed on your skin with an airbrush. The color will reflect your skin tone and what you ask for. When you rinse off the bronzer you will be left with a glowing tan. 

Question 2

How long will my tan last?

Most clients say their tan lasts approximately 7-10 days. It also depends on your care. Solar Glow offers lotions, body wash and tan extenders to help prolong your tan.

Question 3

Can I still workout with my tan? 

Yes, you can work out after you have rinsed with soap. This will prevent streaking. 

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Question 4

Will my tan rub off on my clothes? 

After your first rinse, no your tan will not come off on your clothes. We recommend you to wear dark, loose clothes after you have been sprayed. Bronzer may come off right after you have been sprayed. 

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Question 5

Will I be orange? 

No. I will choose the right color that will match your skin tone and will give you specific instructions on rinse time and after-care. Following these instructions will ensure that you will have the best tan.  

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Question 6

How should I prepare for my appointment? 

Carefully follow the instructions to the right. It is important to exfoliate so your coverage will avoid spotting.

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Question 7

When should I book my appointment? 

You should book your tan

1-3 days before your event. For weddings and similar occasions, a trial appointment is recommended a couple of weeks before event to ensure satisfaction. 

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Question 8

What is the difference between Original and Rapid products? 

There is no difference in color. The difference is how long it takes to develop your tan. The original product will take up to 8 hours to process, where the rapid products can be rinsed off in 2-4 hours. I can help you figure out which option will work the best for you. 

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